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Building Cars Since 1982

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  1. Vehicle Fabrication
    Vehicle Fabrication
    We offer custom tilt noses, center consoles, etc. Imagine what I could build for you?
  2. Classic Car Restoration
    Classic Car Restoration
    Let's get you back behind the driver's seat so you can put some real steel to the rear wheels.
  3. Metal Fabrication
    Metal Fabrication
    Tired of walking into the body shop and your car not being worked on? I'm looking for your stalled classic car/truck restoration projects. I have 30 plus years experience. Services include: *Sheet metal replacement; *Metal repair; *Metal fabrication; *Body upgrades (metal only); *Engine swap; *Suspension upgrades; *Frame boxing; *Full floors, trunk floors, roof skins *Re-bodies; No fiberglass, bondo, paint, electrical or mechanical services. Email Dave at for an appointment. Shop rate $50/hour + materials.
  4. Auto Restoration
    Auto Restoration
    Fresh start for lasting quality. We're not covering it up, we're fixing it.
Being born into a car family, it is naturally in my blood.  At an early age, I helped my Dad with his 1935 Graham Paige. I remember many early mornings traveling to auto flea markets to get our table set up for the day.  As we all know the first two hours of the day has the best selections.   

Starting at age 12, I visited my Uncle Frank in Hyannis, MA helping around his Esso station.   My Dad gave me my first car which was a 1967 Barracuda Notchback. He paid $300 for it so he wouldn't have to drive his Gentleman Jim in the winter (ps. which is now sitting in my driveway - thanks Dad).   This began my fascination with 1967 to 1969 Barracudas of which I still drive year round in Idaho (yes it does snow here).

In 1982 I started my career sweeping floors and emptying trash in a body shop.  30 plus years later I'm still building cars and loving what I do.
Time is short.  What are you waiting for?
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